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Dr. Adam Gower is the creator of Principles of CFRE Investing, the only course of its kind exclusively focused on giving you the tools to invest in Crowd Fund Real Estate deals with confidence.

He is one of the most sought after real estate consultants in the world for raising capital and investing in CFRE.


About Adam Gower:


Hi, I’m Adam Gower.

As this is the About page, I presume you want to know more about me and my background. 

Happy to share and I’ll talk about my background shortly, but before doing that I want to be sure that you are under no pretenses about what this site - and I - am all about. 

Your time is short and so is mine.

So the first thing to consider is, should you be here?

And for many, the answer is probably NO.

Here’s why:


I can not help you get rich quick.

For some reason, people equate “invest in real estate” with “get rich quick”.

I get it. That’s what attracted me to real estate in 1982 (more on that later).

I thought it would be easy money and I’d have thousands coming in every day… in passive income while building wealth for the long run.

Well, it wasn’t easy money.

I do have consistent revenue coming in every day…  on auto pilot… but it took lots of work, frustration, and learning from my mistakes to get there.

…And it still takes work.

So if you’re not prepared to commit to roughly ten times more focus than you’re expecting, I’m not your guy.



If you don’t want to invest (and risk) real money,
CFRE is NOT for you.

I am not going to recommend specific CFRE deals, or even recommend investing in CFRE at all.  And neither am I going to tell you that you won’t lose money if you do. 

And here’s why I’m telling you this.

Start going down the “Real Estate Investing” rabbit hole, and you’ll see all kinds of ads and articles about no-money-down, how to get rich by fixing-and-flipping, and all kinds of pitches about the “hottest off-market deals” that “no-one else has seen”.  (yeh, right)

Does some of it work?

Maybe.  You may get some temporary income stream and some unsustainable, short term rewards that make it seem you're on to a winner.  But if you rely on that, you’ll have nothing for the long run

And at the end of the day, you’ll probably lose your shirt.

Don't do that.  Learn how to invest properly so you can make wise investment decisions today.  Or keep your powder dry instead. 

You'll be glad you did.



If you’re looking for “The Easy Way,” I don’t want to help you.

It’s important you understand what I’m telling you.

I am not going to teach you how to do a fix-n-flip, or buy no-money-down, or how to buy deals ‘with equity built in’, or even how to make money leasing other people’s homes just to rent them on Airbnb.

I can help you, I just won’t. I’m capable of it, but I refuse to do it.


Two reasons.  One, I am risk averse and if you aren’t and you are just looking for shortcuts, you are not going to like my style.

And two, because when I hear someone say, “Which deal has the highest yield and pays the most" what I’m really hearing is, 

"I am willing to invest blindly because I don't have the time or patience to do the work properly.  Real estate is easy and I am not really interested in figuring out how to mitigate risk in pursuit of the future I want.”

And that really translates to “I am a gambler and don't want to work.”

Look, investing in real estate prudently is HARD WORK. Yes, when it’s all up and running, it can be just like you imagined: Passive revenue while you sleep and long term wealth.

But that takes HARD WORK to find the right deals and it takes HARD WORK to investigate them properly to reduce the risk of losing your investment.

You’re Still Here? Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me.

  • Insights and information about the Crowd Fund Real Estate world and how to make money in it, and,
  • Premium educational courses that I would love you to consider buying.
  • Occasional access to long term, risk adjusted deals.

I am a risk averse investor.  I'll teach you how to invest in anything you want with confidence.

But I cannot advise you what to invest in, or even if you should, but I will do what I can to give you the tools you need to make those decisions for yourself. 

That's why my premium courses are geared to giving you a solid foundation of knowledge in CFRE.

And I am always going to give you really valuable information and data that you can use immediately that will help you on your way.

And that’s free

But if you are a skeptic like me, you are probably wondering...

...How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

Well, the smartest thing to do is to just get some of my free stuff.

Check out my podcast conversations with CFRE industry leaders.

If you like those, you’ll probably get a lot out of my courses.


And I think this is a good spot to tell you something about my favorite subject.  Me.

I started my real estate career in 1982 in San Diego working for an electrician, crawling around in basements and attics, pulling wires.

I got to know some of the guys who owned the deals we were wiring.

One guy showed me my first pro-forma spreadsheet.  It showed how he was making millions by building, leasing-up, and selling apartment buildings.

Real estate investing just made sense to me and I wanted in.

As I worked to find investors I met with a group from Japan.  They wanted to invest in US real estate and they financed a bunch of apartments I was working on.  I raised over $30 million in equity and invested it all in developing hundreds of units here in California.

When the market tanked (early 1990's - Savings and Loan Crisis) I followed the money to Japan.  I learned to speak Japanese and was recruited as President of a division of Universal Studios developing all their real estate throughout the Pacific rim.  I was 29 years old.

Keeping the story short, I returned to the US and by 2007 had built up a decent portfolio of development deals when my instincts started to tell me something was wrong.  I sold everything I had right before the market collapse.

A major bank hired me as a real estate expert to clean their balance sheet of distressed real estate loans. In combination with the bank and a $30bn private equity fund I joined, I worked on over $1 billion in deals.

That’s how I ended up seeing every possible way real estate investors can get it wrong, learning from their mistakes, and consolidating that knowledge so you can learn from that experience too.

Anyway – by sheer luck, I’d been looking to figure out a better way of cherry picking good real estate deals when the JOBS Act enabled crowd funding. 

This brought tech firmly into the real estate space and suddenly now everyone could invest online like only the wealthy had been able to before. 

And by total serendipity, I had been embedded in a startup incubator surrounded by 20 something year old internet wizards, learning online marketing and tech from them by osmosis (and a couple seed round investments).

So I started talking to everyone in Crowd Fund Real Estate who would take my call to find out more and I recorded those calls in podcasts so you can listen in.  (yes, they know the calls were recorded!)

And I started getting bombarded by people asking how to invest in these deals online and by developers wanting to raise money…

So I decided to condense everything I have learned over the last 35 years, and to record it for posterity.  And that’s what brings me to now.

Here’s What I've Got

For You

My driving objective is to help you find deals to invest in that will generate income for years, and that can weather the worst of downturns and to make them understandable for you.

I’ve developed acclaimed training known as Principles of Crowd Fund Real Estate Investing.  In it I distill real estate investing into a sequence of critical components that are based on the premise you don’t have to be a real estate developer to make money, you just need to know how real estate developers think, and what they have to do to be successful.

It is, in my opinion, the core to successful CFRE Investing.

I also focus on minimizing risk.  I don’t like to lose money and am willing to pass on a deal even if just one thing doesn’t smell right.

And I take you through everything I can think of that helps you do the same thing.

And, when I see them, I’ll share some deals with you from time to time.

Here’s My First Suggestion, If I May:

Check out some of the podcast conversations I have with CFRE industry leaders, sponsors and investors.

And if you like the idea of CFRE investing, sign up for some of my free updates and trainings.

If they help you, think about taking some of my premium courses.

Thanks for reading this.  Now, let’s find some deals!

Adam Gower

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