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Adam Kaufman, Co-Founder & Managing Director, ArborCrowd

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #232: Pre-Funding Deals, ArborCrowd Invests Before Taking to the Crowd

In today’s podcast, Adam Kaufman, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Arborcrowd explains that they prefund deals before offering them to investors. He describes how, as their business model is not driven by a need for volume, they are selective about what deals they put out to the crowd. Adam is aware that it is easy to be successful in real estate when things are constantly going up – as has been the case since the crowd funding real estate industry started – and so you won’t necessarily find that many deals on their platform, but the ones you do are probably worth a closer look.  More…

Harold Hofer, Co-Founder & CEO, Rich Uncles

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #231: Rich Uncles and the $5.00 Minimum Investment

Harold Hofer together with his Co-Founder Ray Wirta (also executive chairman at CBRE) envisioned a world where anyone could invest in real estate way before the JOBS Act was even a gleam in a politician’s eye.  They launched in Texas with an intrastate offering and have since expanded to being one of the most prominent crowd funding platforms in the industry.  Now they are leading the industry again by offering a minimum investment of only $5.00 to anyone over the age of 18 years old.  Listen to the podcast and read the shownotes here…

Jason Schwetz, Triple Net Zero Debt

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #230: Capitalizing on CFRE With a Conservative Approach to Investing

Jason Schwetz, President and Founder of Triple Net Zero Debt, realized early on that crowd funding was going to transform the way real estate is financed and set about building a model to capitalize on this paradigm.  He settled on a model that delivers long term, steady income and that minimizes chance of loss by investing in triple net lease properties with credit tenants while taking on zero debt.  More…

Anna Pinedo, Partner Mayer Brown. The Accredited Investor Standard

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #229: The Accredited Investor Standard

Podcast: Anna Pinedo a partner at the law firm of Mayer Brown, helps unravel some of the background to the accredited investor standard and the case for and against how it might change going forward.  Though any change will not come about quickly, the opportunity to comment and contribute to the debate is upon us and before you know it, the SEC will be deciding how to proceed. Listen to the podcast and read the shownotes here…

Michael Episcope, Principal & Co-Founder, Origin Investments

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #228: Growing Wealth From Commodities to Real Estate

Podcast:  Transitioning from a successful career in commodities trading to real estate, Michael Episcope, Principal and Co-founder of Origin Investments, brings the same standards of excellence to his second career as made him so successful in his first. Maintaining the institutional disciplines to underwriting and risk mitigation, Origin Investments is set to grow as it sets its sights on becoming a market leader in the crowd fund real estate industry.  Listen to the podcast and read the shownotes here…

Ian Ippolito, The Real Estate Crowd Funding Review

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #227: The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review

Podcast:  Listen to Dr. Adam Gower talk to a prolific and diligent crowd fund real estate investor, Ian Ippolito who, though he does not come from a real estate background, has become one of the most knowledgeable and respected players in the industry.  Ian’s widely read Real Estate Crowdfunding Review covers tremendous detail and is a great resource for investors.  Podcast and shownotes can be found here…

Dror Poleg, Rethinking Real Estate

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #226: Impact of CFRE on Private Equity, and of Tech on Both

Dror Poleg, fellow London School of Economics graduate, talks about the impact of crowd funding on the private equity space and how technology is changing real estate.  Dror has developed over 30 million square feet of commercial real estate and is one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry today.  More…

Jason Fritton, Co-Founder & CEO, Patch of Land

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #225: From Zero to $500 million in Four Years

My podcast guest today Jason Fritton, co-founder and CEO of the online CFRE marketplace Patch of Land was one of the earliest adopters of crowd fund techniques to bring liquidity to real estate markets. What makes Jason particularly notable in this respect is that he had no background in real estate when he decided that the JOBS Act was an ideal vehicle for financing real estate deals. And what makes him doubly remarkable is that the act was not written with real estate in mind.  More…

Charles Clinton, Co-Founder & CEO, EquityMultiple

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #224: The Institutional Approach to a Strong Upside With Protected Downside

Charles Clinton, Co-Founder and CEO of CFRE platform EquityMultiple, comes from the sophisticated institutional world of real estate. Charles has an awareness of the upside that everyone wants from real estate investing that is combined with a desire to protect the downside.  The structure he offers investors reflects this balanced risk reward approach to CFRE investing.   More…

Lew Feldman, CEO Heritage Capital Ventures

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #223: Experience and Track Record Key to Building Trust Online

Institutional Quality Crowd Funding*

Lew Feldman founded Goodwin Procter’s California offices, served on the firm’s Executive Committee, was a member of its Real Estate Capital Markets Group, led the firm’s Public Finance Practice, and founded its Crowdfunding Practice. He now serves as CEO of Heritage Capital Ventures LLC, a private equity concern that invests in online financial technologies for traditionally offline processes that result in greater efficiency, greater capital access, and lower costs. Lew serves on the Board of Directors of and, and advises,,, and He also chairs the Ziman Center for Real Estate at the UCLA Anderson School of Business, the nation’s premier real estate graduate program.  


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