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Chuck Schreiber, CEO, Co-Founder KBS

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #222: The World’s 11th Largest Office Building Owner Crowd Funding $1 billion

From a start investing in portfolios of distressed office buildings almost 30 years ago, KBS has grown to be one of the largest owners of office buildings in the world.  Understanding the needs of its tenants and the power of the crowd, KBS is making downtown office building investments accessible to every accredited investor.

Chuck Schreiber is a fifth generation Californian who grew up in Southern California. Loving mathematics he went to college to study finance and gravitated towards real estate and real estate investments because it was an investment opportunity where he saw opportunity to actively improve the performance of assets through their management rather than the passive activity of selecting stocks or other securities. He started his career in a brokerage company before forming a partnership with Don Koll, of Koll development, and Peter Bren in 1991 that was to be called KBS.


Listen to the Podcast here.

Greg MacKinnon, Pension Real Estate Association, PREA

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #221: Though they also offer diversification, REITs are subject to broader stock market volatility

Many people ask how investing in crowd fund real estate deals is different from investing in a REIT. So to answer this question in detail I spoke with Greg MacKinnon who covers research at the Pension Real Estate Association – PREA. Greg’s perspective comes from his position providing market intelligence to pension funds of course, family offices, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors.  More…

Sara Hanks, Co-Founder & CEO, CrowdCheck

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #220: Protecting Grandma (and you) from Fraudsters

Migrating from law, to a legislative position working for Senator Elizabeth Warren during the 2008/2009 downturn overseeing the Troubled Asset Relief Program, Sara Hanks was well positioned to appreciate the dramatic impact Crowd Funding was to have on capital formation.  Taking the pragmatic view that customers should be protected, she formed CrowdCheck to provide compliance services to investors and sponsors alike.  More…

Max Sharkansky, Managing Partner, Trion Properties

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #219: It’s Not Real Estate that Kills People; It’s Debt that Does

Having seen the coming downturn in 2008/2009, Max Sharkansky sold his portfolio and adapted as the market took its dive.  Discovering Crowd Fund Real Estate as a viable new source for capital, Max has become a firm advocate of the space, has raised money for multiple deals using CFRE, and thinks of it as a ‘win, win,win’ for all concerned.    More…

Tore Steen, Co-Founder & CEO, CrowdStreet

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #218: Online Marketplace & SaaS Provider 

Taking a different approach to other crowd fund real estate marketplace platforms, Tore Steen CEO and co-founder, explains how his company CrowdStreet offers sponsors not only access to in excess of 70,000 accredited investor but also to a white label software product they can use to go it alone if they wish.  More…

Nick Walsh, Co-Founder, Global Senior Housing

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #217: Equity for Senior Housing

From Idaho to Texas, from single family-for-sale product to senior housing, sponsor Nick Walsh and his company, Global Senior Housing, compressed their usual twelve months of fund raising into twelve weeks when they launched their first senior housing deal.  The process was challenging but worth the resulting control and larger profit share.More…

Chris Loeffler, Co-Founder & CEO, Caliber Companies

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #216: Taking a Private Real Estate Development Company Public

From raising capital at Starbucks to flip homes during the 2008 recession, to having nearly $400 million of assets under management and a NASDAQ listing on the books for 2018.  Chris Loeffler, co-founder and CEO of the Caliber Companies, is using JOBS Act Regulation A+ to take his fully integrated real estate development company public to raise capital for future growth, and to give everyday investors the opportunity to have a part in their own community.  More…

Adam Hooper, Co-Founder & CEO, RealCrowd

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #215:  Bringing a Long Term Perspective to CFRE

How do you explain the idea of risk adjusted returns in a market where everything just seems to keep on going up.  Bringing the prudence of a long-term perspective to crowd fund real estate investment Adam Hooper, co-founder and CEO of the online marketplace, RealCrowd, talks about his philosophy to ensuring this platform endures inevitable market cycles. More…

AdaPia d’Errico, Crowd Fund Consultant

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #214: CFRE An Industry Ripe for Personal and Professional Reinvention

AdaPia shares her thoughts about the impact that the #MeToo campaign has had on her and on her life path in the context of how she is re-inventing her career.  Hearing someone like AdaPia, a former C-level executive of two real estate crowdfunding companies, so willingly discuss the exciting opportunities she is exploring in this rapidly changing new industry is as reassuring as it is inspirational.  More…

AdaPia d’Errico, Special Advisor, AlphaFlow

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #213:  Aggregating Loans to Minimize Risk & Maximize Returns

AdaPia d’Errico talks about the strategy and investment philosophy of AlphaFlow, the company she now advises.  Combining rigorous loan selection, AlphaFlow acquires loans nationwide and splits client investments across dozens of loans.  Using a proprietary algorithm, this process is oriented to capital preservation, while striving to maximize returns at the same time.  More…

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