The Crowd Fund Real Estate Investor

Amy Wan, Bootstrap Legal

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #212: Crowdfunding at the Intersection of Money Morality and Justice

In an industry that is creating opportunity for developers both small and large to raise capital for their deals from sources never before available i.e. the general public, it is reassuring that people like Amy Wan are out there doing what they can to make sure professional services follow suit.  Amy’s social conscience and her proactive approach to employing tech solutions for the benefit of us all is what puts her at the leading edge of her field and a great friend to have on your side.  More…

Jonathan Tate, Sponsor

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #211:  Democratizing Real Estate

Jonathan Tate had no real need to finance his project through SmallChange as he already had an investor who was willing to write a check for the full amount that he needed.  His interest in crowd funding the deal, however, stems from his sense of community; and his desire to truly democratize real estate and put control of the development process back into the hands of the people who benefit the most.  More…

Bill Bedell, Investor

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #210: First Ever Regulation Crowd Fund Real Estate Investor*

Bill Bedell sees his $500 investment in someone else’s single-family home development as his down payment on a $2,500 home.  For Bill, he gets all the economic benefits – and risks mind – of real estate investment, without the need to have any more than $500 to put down.  And he gets to invest with a Harvard educated architect developer.  More…

Eve Picker, Founder & CEO, SmallChange

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #209:  Bringing Real Estate to the 99%

Not everyone invests just for the money.  There are a lot of people out there who also want to feel good about their investments and want to make change in communities around the country that bring people together.  If you have a deal that might appeal to investors like that then Eve Picker, Founder and CEO of SmallChange can make that happen for you.  SmallChange is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, FINRA. More…

Alex Rampell, General Partner, Andreesen Horowitz

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #208: Real Estate as Fintech – The Venture Capital Perspective

Alex Rampell, General Partner at the venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz, is hoping for and has a reasonably decent chance of getting a 1,000 times multiple on this real estate investment.  Whether he gets it or not, one thing is certain – when someone like Alex starts looking at what you are doing, you can be sure that your world is about to change. More…

Mark Roderick, Crowd Fund Attorney

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #207:  Unraveling Crowd Fund Real Estate Regulations

Mark Roderick, Crowd Fund Attorney, is one of the best connected attorneys focusing on JOBS Act regulations to promote crowd sourced capital for real estate.  Consolidating the insights he has gleaned from his clients with his knowledge of the industry, Mark shares thoughts ranging from the impact of crowd sourcing capital on private equity funds, to the likely shakeout when the next recession hits the industry.  More…

Brew Johnson, Founder & CEO Peerstreet

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #206: Secondary Market for Lenders, First Position Loans for Investors

Brew Johnson, Founder and CEO of PeerStreet, emerged from the downturn of 2007/08 having predicted its arrival and having capitalized on the opportunities it presented.  With a firm awareness of how devastating a downturn can be, under his guidance, PeerStreet takes steps to ameliorate the risk that the loans in their portfolio are insulated and at the same time provides risk adjusted returns for investors wanting the security of first position debt. More…

Lisa Canning, CrowdFund Capital Advisors

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #205:  Relationships Matter When Raising Capital Online

Raising capital online is not simply a matter of putting up a website and waiting.  You must first establish a relationship with investors through consistent marketing and communication.  Lisa Canning has stepped into real estate companies’ online offerings that have not heeded this wisdom and shares her stories from the trenches in today’s podcast.      More…

Ben Miller, Co-Founder, CEO, Fundrise

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #204:  Ben Miller, CoFounder, CEO, Fundrise

Before the JOBS Act was even on the SEC’s radar, Ben Miller was putting together a crowd funded real estate deal right on their doorstep in Washington D.C.  Now he runs one of the only marketplaces that provides open access to deal flow for all investors and in his conversation today, shares insights into real estate crowd funding that will frame your understanding of the space.  More…

Rod Turner, Chairman & CEO, Manhattan Street Capital

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #203:  The Mini-IPO For Your Real Estate Deals

You can raise capital for your real estate company’s expansion, providing funds for growth or even just as a liquidity event for shareholders.  Rod Turner, founder, Chairman and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital shares his encyclopedic knowledge about Regulations A+ (the mini-IPO) and CF (Crowd Fund) of the JOBS Act.      More…

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