The Crowd Fund Real Estate Investor

Nav Athwal, Founder & CEO RealtyShares

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #202:  Nav Athwal, Founder & CEO RealtyShares

To crowd fund a real estate deal requires a marketplace where sponsors seeking capital can meet investors looking for deals.  One of the largest and most successful yet of these online platforms is RealtyShares.  Nav Athwal, founder and CEO, discusses how his platform manages quality and options so that investors can reduce risk, and the principles he employs to build RealtyShares into a wealth management platform for private real estate deals.  More…

Will The Crowd Fund the Next Generation of Retail

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #201:  Will the Crowd Fund the Next Generation of Retail

Professor Chad Syverson discusses that while e-commerce has been impactful on retail real estate, big box stores and super centers have had no less an influence on changing the landscape of the retail experience.  In time, he predicts, even the big box stores may end up being consumed by the online marketplace leaving only local, niche stores on the high street.  How then will the buildings in which these non-institutional local stores reside be financed?  Perhaps it is The Crowd that will replace the institutional investor on the high street to capitalize the local store, creating a vested interest in seeing their neighbor’s stores succeed.  More…

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